Is CBD Helpful for Skincare?

Before the prohibition on weed, hemp was commonly used in households for clothing material, food, and skincare, among many other purposes. Today, there is a wide range of products for CBD skincare available on the market. With so many options available, the question is – can CBD be beneficial for skincare, and how? Continue reading “Is CBD Helpful for Skincare?”

Can Marijuana and Cannabis Products help with Depression?

Researchers are beginning to explore marijuana and cannabis products as an additional treatment for depression caused by chronic stress. Currently, scientists are observing the possible restoration of normal endocannabinoid function, the system responsible for many processes in the body, and mood stabilization as a result of regular use of marijuana and cannabis products. Continue reading “Can Marijuana and Cannabis Products help with Depression?”

What are Some Interesting Cannabis Edibles Products?

If you’re you new to cannabis edibles and have some questions, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created this guide to help answer some common questions including:

• What are edibles?
• What is the difference between eating vs smoking cannabis?
• What is the best way to take cannabis edibles? Continue reading “What are Some Interesting Cannabis Edibles Products?”

What are The Most Popular Ways to Consume CBD?

When you buy CBD products, it’s important to remember that the method of consumption differs for each user. Choosing a suitable way to consume CBD largely depends on your goals and the desired effect.

While there are a variety of ways to take CBD, including edibles, vaping, and creams, in this article we focus on the following three popular ways to consume CBD: Continue reading “What are The Most Popular Ways to Consume CBD?”

What is The Effective Way to Consume CBD – And Why?

A common question that we get at Canada Bliss Herbals is how to take CBD and which of the methods is most effective. While there is no right way to take CBD that suits everyone, there are some recommended methods depending on your goals. CBD comes in different strengths and applications for different purposes. Below, we break down the most common ways to consume CBD that can help you in choosing the right product for you. Continue reading “What is The Effective Way to Consume CBD – And Why?”

What are Good CBD Products for Skincare?

One of the most popular topics in skincare today is the use of CBD in a range of products from lotions to serums and topical creams. Since the legalization of cannabis, the use of CBD in skincare products have skyrocketed. Although there is limited research on the longterm results of CBD products for skincare, we know that hemp was often used in soap and lotion before the prohibition. Continue reading “What are Good CBD Products for Skincare?”

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