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Not Oil at Once: Your Guide to CBD Oil Dosage

cbd oil dosage

Most supplements we take may be useful for us. But, too much of a good thing can cause problems. And, not enough of a dosage may give us no results.

When a physician prescribes pharma medication, dialing in the right dosage takes time. CBD oil is no different. Though we may find suggestions for particular uses, we also must consider our results.

Chronic pain and other symptoms can vary. Body weight and mass influence what CBD dose is necessary.

There is not an exact science, but we have put together this hand guide on how to use CBD oil so you’ll get the best results.

Is an Overdose on CBD Oil Possible?

We hear much about drug overdoses when it comes to opioids. It is enough to make anyone nervous about drug consumption.

Unlike narcotics, CBD oil does not shut down essential body functions. Excessive opioids can cause lungs and hearts to stop. Excessive amounts of CBD will not.

But, high doses can cause lethargy, diarrhea, and severe upset stomachs. For those who are starting to try CBD oil, this may be enough to quit using it before finding the real benefit.

Suggestions From Makers

A typical dosage from makers of CBD oil can range from 4-50 mg per day. The strength of each oil varies, from 1mg per dose to several hundred.

Because there is no recommended dosage by a person’s weight or symptoms, this can be confusing. Depending on the medication, most physicians suggest starting with the lowest dosage possible.

From there, you can double the amount without worry of severe consequences. Or, increase the number of dosages per day. It takes at least 20 minutes to feel the effects if taking the oil by mouth. (water-soluble is fastest)

And, it will last a few hours. When you are first using CBD oil, it’s important to note your starting point. For some, the capsule form is quick and simple to track.

Suggestions From Friends

We all have friends and coworkers who are having great success with CBD oil. And, they are happy to share their experience.

If a friend who is twice your size tells you the best dosage for them, it will not be the best for you. For those who have been taking oil for some time, they have gotten to their ideal amount.

No one would recommend this as a starting point for you.

Start Low and Go Slow

A rule of thumb from experts tell us to begin with 1-6mg for every 10 pounds of body weight. Here is what the table looks like:

Weight Minor Symptoms Major Symptoms

86-150 pounds 12 MG 18 MG
151-240 pounds 18 MG 27 MG
over 240 pounds 22 MG 45 MG

As you can see, this offers plenty of room for adjusting as you go. If chronic pain is your symptom, for example, start with the minor symptom dosage first.

This way, you can move up a few milligrams as necessary.

Ask Your Doctor

Physicians train in dosages and are experts at the math necessary for a good fit. They also know your symptoms will figure into their recommendation.

The symptom factor is what can make a proper CBD oil dosage difficult to nail down. Patients who take CBD oil to increase appetite do not have the needs as those with a seizure disorder.

In these cases, a physician’s guidance will help get the right dosage faster.

Keep Track as You Increase Amounts

As you start out on your lowest dosage, it’s important to note the effects. Most important, is finding the amount which works best for your symptoms.

You should also take the same amount for a week or more before moving to another dosage. Keep track of your symptom relief. Some may try CBD for insomnia, for example.

In this case, a higher dosage at night makes sense. For those with chronic pain, smaller doses throughout the day work better than one large dose.

CBD Oil Dosage for Specific Symptoms

We all hear about the success of CBD oil for everything from acne to smoking cessation. But, we also know what works for one person may not be useful for the next.

There are not enough clinical trials for specifics. But, we can glean knowledge from those with experience. Self-reports give us a guide for best use according to specific:

  • Anxiety-Small Dose 2-3 Times Per Day
  • Chronic Pain-Small Doses Throughout the Day
  • Seizures and Epilepsy-Large Doses
  • Antipsychotic Treatment (ie: schizophrenia)-Large Doses
  • Insomnia-One Dose Before Bedtime
  • Opiate Withdrawal-Small Dose 4-6 Times Per Day
  • Glaucoma-One Dose Daily

As of 2018, there is now an FDA-approved form of CBD oil in use for seizure treatment. In this case, a physician can provide the best plan for the amount.

No matter your reason for use, starting small is always the best plan.

CBD Oil Has Many Forms

There are many forms of CBD from which to choose. Capsules, tinctures, and oils are the most common. Capsules and tinctures ingest by mouth. The oils are useful in vaping, too.

As important as dosage is choosing the best form for you. If vaping is not something with which you have experience, this may not work for you. Of course, taking capsules is something most of us do, so this is an easy match.

We all eat, and edibles in the form of honey or candy can fit many tastes. Keep in mind that each system of intake will vary the effects, too. Take a look at your options and choose the best fit.

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