5 Essential Reasons You Need to Clean Your Bong

Many people think you can use your bong several times before cleaning it. This is false. You need to clean your bong every time you use it, or at least within 48 hours. Why?

1. Smell and Look

Smoking cannabis is fun but when you look at the remnants it leaves after puffed through a bong, it can put a downer on the experience. You don’t want to look at the tar left behind that formed a horrible colour and not so great smell. It’s like walking into a tent that has remains of last night’s beer on the floors, gross.

2. Health

Many people use cannabis as a form of medicine but this is pointless if you leave sticky tar in your bong. The compounds from tar continue to burn and can negatively impact the health of your lungs. If you have a water-based bong that is left sitting without a good cleaning, it can attract bugs and form mould. Do you want to breathe in insects and mould? No? Then clean your bong after every use to ensure you stay healthy and only get the benefits from your cannabis.

3. Taste

Are you hoping to enjoy your cannabis experience with a delightful flavour to fill your taste buds? Then make sure to clean that bong so there are no leftover flavours from the night or week before. Do you enjoy snacking on food particles left on your teeth from the previous day? I didn’t think so hence the same experience comes with an unclean bong. Get the full flavours out of the cannabis you just purchased instead of wasting your money on a taste that masks the beautiful essence.

4. Easier to Clean

Of course, an obvious reason for cleaning your bong is that it will be easier to clear of bacteria if cleaned after every use. If you wait months to clean your washroom, you will notice that one or even two swipes of the counters will not remove all the grime on the surfaces. You will have to really put your strength into cleaning due to a build-up for gunk. Avoid this situation with your bong. Instead of spending time scraping and scouring away days of coated on residue, keep your bong clean with a daily routine. Make cleaning your bong easy on yourself and spend your time enjoying the benefits of your cannabis.

5. Unclog

Chemicals left in an uncleaned bong can block pathways, inhibiting the flow of cannabis vapour during your next use. You will go to smoke your cannabis and find nothing is coming up to your lungs because it is stuck halfway up the bong. Not only are you now wasting cannabis but you are not getting any of its effects. Make sure to clean your bong so that you can use it whenever you would like. Steer clear of a cannabis traffic jam.

Find your best cannabis groove by washing your bong to continue that free vibe.

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