Cannabis Bath Salts and Their Benefits

Cannabis Bath Salts

After a long day of work, you come home to relax and what better way than in a nice warm bath? Do you want to know a way to make your bath even better? Cannabis bath salts!

Try looking for bath salts with CBD and THC to reap the benefit from both.

Relieves Pain

Having THC in Cannabis bath salts give a calming effect since this cannabinoid allows your muscles to relax. Are you experiencing chronic pain? THC can help ease your suffering by letting your body know it is ok to release some built-up tension. Try adding some Cannabis bath salts to your next bath to soak away your discomfort.

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Heals Scars

When you look at yourself in the mirror can you see a few scars on your body? Perhaps you had minor surgery or injured yourself when out for a walk. No matter what the cause of your scars, you wish they weren’t so prominent. Cannabis bath salts containing CBD can help heal your scars, making them less bold in appearance. How can CBD make your scars less noticeable? CBD regenerates your skin cells while regulating your collagen production.

Quick Relief

No matter what you suffer from, mentally or physically, cannabis can help and what better way to relax than in a warm bath. If you are not ready to ingest your cannabis through edibles or smoking, you can just add some to your bath. How can bathing in cannabis bath salts relieve stress? The warmth of the water allows your skin to absorb the CBD quickly through your pores and into your bloodstream. Since CBD in your Cannabis already has anti-inflammatory properties, it can give you some much-needed relief from skin conditions like eczema or dry skin. When you use cannabis to help heal your body, your mind can relax too.

Time Frame and Potency

How long should you soak in your cannabis bath? Soaking in the bath with CBD or THC infused bath salts for a good 15 – 20 minutes is a standard time frame. It’s a good idea to follow your own body and mind to determine what feels best for you. Also, ask your doctor and budtender for suggestions on the minimum and maximum amount of time you should expose your skin to this kind of topical.

Are you new to cannabis bath salts? Perhaps you have sensitive skin…take time to test out the water before completely submerging in it. This goes the same for when you are smoking cannabis, try out small portions before you smoke an entire joint to see how much you need for your situation and what you can handle.

The terpenes from your bath salts flow into the air and up through your sense of smell, triggering a calmness in your brain. Let go of pain, relieve anxiety, and calm your mind through the essence of bath salts.

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