Cannabis Etiquette You Should Know

Cannabis Etiquette

It’s time for that joint. Before you smoke up, consider the ways you act, talk, and enjoy your cannabis. Canada Bliss Herbals knows that smoking a joint has a specific protocol when it comes to enjoying your favourite bud. So, what is the cannabis etiquette you should be aware of?

Cannabis Etiquette, Pass the Weed

When getting together with a group of people to smoke weed, you will more than likely be offered a puff of their cannabis and not have to light up your joint. Next time you attend a party like this, don’t assume someone is going to offer you their joint again, bring your own and offer it out to everyone else. It’s your turn to pass the smoke. This sharing tradition goes around the table until everyone has taken their puff. It’s just like in Ireland how one person buys a round of drinks and it continues until everyone at the table has bought around. Keep everyone smiling with this time-honoured passing of the joint.

Cannabis Etiquette, Avoid Peer Pressure

Each of us has different tolerance levels when it comes to cannabis and it is always negative to pressure someone into saying or doing something. If someone in your group of weed-smoking friends doesn’t want to take another hit then don’t make them. They may have a lower tolerance to the particular weed being smoked than you or just want to take a break. Either way, respect this choice as each person has their limits. Peer-pressure should never be part of any situation so don’t fear to go to a terrific cannabis event, you will be welcome and respected.

Cannabis Etiquette, Honesty

Be honest with your fellow joint smokers. If you can’t roll a joint well or at all, let someone around you know. This person will likely offer to aid you in rolling your weed or roll it for you. You don’t want good weed to go to waste if you can’t smoke the joint that was rolled. You might even consider getting a pre-rolled joint for your gathering but be sure everyone is down with this idea first as some will only smoke from a joint they rolled themselves. The cannabis community is pretty open and no one is going to judge you for not knowing how to roll a wicked joint.

Cannabis Etiquette, Take Seeds and Stems Out of Your Marijuana

Yuck! No one wants the taste of seeds and stems in their marijuana so before you join a weed party make sure your bud has all stems and seeds removed. Your smoke will taste better and there won’t be any need to worry about it popping or cracking as you light up. A good cannabis dispensary will likely have these parts of the plant removed already so all you need to do is double-check. If you are smoking your homegrown weed then make sure you get rid of the bad-tasting bits before sharing it with your friends; everyone will be thankful you did.

Cannabis Etiquette, Don’t Slobber

Avoid slobbering on a joint that you are passing around in your smoke circle. No one wants a messy joint. If you have extra saliva in your mouth and just can’t help it, wipe the joint down before passing it on to the next person. Keeping your joint from getting soggy is appreciated. You might even consider smoking your own joint and letting others share a different one as slobbery smokes are not ideal.

Take time to relieve the stress of your day in a cannabis circle but be aware of the etiquette that goes around in this kind of get together. Remember your Cannabis Etiquette, be considerate to those around you and you will have an excellent time at the cannabis party!

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