Depression: Can Marijuana and Cannabis Products help with Depression?

Cannabis Products

Researchers are beginning to explore marijuana and cannabis products as an additional treatment for depression caused by chronic stress. Currently, scientists are observing the possible restoration of normal endocannabinoid function, the system responsible for many processes in the body, and mood stabilization as a result of regular use of marijuana and cannabis products.

Marijuana and Cannabis Products for Depression
Marijuana and Cannabis Products

Though more research needs to be performed on this subject, we are dedicated to properly educating the public about the effects of marijuana and cannabis products for depression.

As a disclaimer, we want to make it clear that the following information is about giving you the knowledge you need to advocate for your mental health and is not meant to be a substitute over and above what your medical provider has prescribed.

The role of marijuana and cannabis products with depression

According to Dr. Michael H Moskowitz (MD, MPH), cannabis products like CBD oil improves the activity in the endocannabinoid system by increasing the time the Anandamine, also known as the bliss molecule, works on the cannabinoid receptors.

Simply put, CBD works to lessen the brain’s workload to leave more bliss molecules in our systems, which in turn keeps us happier. CBD works on the body’s neurotransmitter pathway and our stress regulation system to restore balance when levels are too high and to enhance our mood when levels are too low.

This process is how CBD specifically is able to regulate depression and anxiety. With consistent doses of overtime, CBD is able to repair and balance these systems appropriately.

The bottom line

Although recent research looks promising, more work needs to be done to properly conclude whether medical marijuana and cannabis products are an effective treatment for depression.

If you’re interested in taking cannabis products for medicinal reasons, it’s important to talk to your doctor first as it can interfere with some prescription drugs.

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