How Cannabis Users can Stay Safe during Coronavirus

Cannabis Users

Attention Cannabis Users: With the onset of Coronavirus, it is more important now than ever to help prevent spreading germs. When it comes to cannabis use, what are some of the best ways you can keep yourself healthy and still enjoy the pleasures of marijuana?

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Cannabis Users Should Stop Sharing Joints

Though this a common courtesy amongst weed smokers in social gatherings, it is best to avoid sharing your joint, at least for now. When you put your mouth on the same spot that someone else has you are very likely to transfer germs. If that person you are sharing a smoke with has caught a virus, you risk getting it too. How? Bodily fluids such as saliva are one of the main ways you can transfer some viruses to another person.

Stay Away from Large Groups

Large marijuana gatherings can be tons of fun but during COVID-19 pandemic this type of getting together can be dangerous. Forfeit getting together with a large group of people during the outbreak. You want to stay as safe as possible and a way to do this is by avoiding all contact with mass amounts of people. Casual contact can spread the virus whether it be through touching the same weed or sharing a warm embrace. By social distancing yourself, you will substantially reduce the risk of transmitting the Coronavirus.

Wash Your Hands

Before and after you roll a joint, it is good practice to wash your hands. Washing your hands helps you stay clean and reduces the number of germs that might have been on the packaging of your weed or anything you may have come in contact with. The medical community recommends washing your hands with soap and water long enough to sing two rounds of “Happy Birthday”. You can do your part to stay healthy and still enjoy your cannabis trip. As an added benefit, your hands will smell so much better with that freshly scented new citrus soup you just bought.

Cook Your Cannabis

Cannabis users should consider edibles as they are probably one of the safest ways to stay safe and still enjoy getting high. How so? Cooking cannabis releases negative toxins through decarboxylation. Though it’s highly unlikely your cannabis is contaminated with COVID-19, you can be extra sure your marijuana is safe to use if it has been crafted into a delicious edible.

With the rise of cannabis edibles, this is a great time to experiment with your favourites and see which cannabis food or snack you prefer.

Cannabis can be enjoyed still but you should take extra precautions to keep you and your friends safe. A little smoke or bite into that delicious weed product may be the best thing you can do during this pandemic crisis. Cannabis can help you relax, stay calm, and reduce anxiety.

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