Lose Weight: Can Cannabis can Help You Lose Weight?

Cannabis for Weight Loss

Winter is over, and you want to take off those extra pounds you gained during the cold season. Dieting never works but maybe marijuana can. How can cannabis help you lose weight?

Lose Weight with High Strain of THCV

Cannabis, though known to increase your desire for food can also help suppress this desire. The cannabinoid, THCV makes you less hungry hence if you are looking to lose weight, try finding a strain with higher levels of this particular compound.

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African Sativa plants often have strong levels of THCV so consider this product when at your local cannabis dispensary.

THCV has many other benefits including:

• Helps regulate blood sugar levels in some types of diabetes
• Curbs anxiety
• Stimulates the growth of bone so it is beneficial for those suffering from osteoporosis or other bone-related issues
• Provides relief from Alzheimer’s symptoms by reducing the number of tremors, brain lesions, and loss of motor control that occurs with this disease

Get ready to lose weight and experience many other medical improvements with the use of THCV strains of cannabis.


Some cannabis strains help you sleep better. High levels of CBD in your cannabis can give you this positive result. Edibles that contain high levels of CBD are an option for those who wish to ingest their cannabis rather than inhale it. CBD is helpful in making you relax by reducing stress, allowing you to fall asleep quicker and easier than normal.

So, why is it important to get a good night’s sleep? Allowing your body to rest for at least 7 hours a night will help you lose weight. Poor sleep causes a variety of health issues. Your body needs to rest in order to function properly and people who experience lack of sleep often have difficulty concentrating during the day and become irritable. Poor sleep can also result in weight gain and hypertension.

Find strains of cannabis that are high in CBD to help you rest so you can look and feel your best.

Sativa Strains

Next time you head to the local dispensary, look for Sativa cannabis strains. Sativa is known to give you a mind high which helps you feel more energized and focused. When your mind is focused you can motivate yourself to accomplish tasks that are often difficult to sustain for long periods of time. Sativa cannabis can increase your desire to take that long walk or extended run you have been thinking about.

Give your regular activities a little boost by adding Sativa into your daily routine. Staying in shape through regular sustained exercise also releases endorphins to make you feel happier.

So, smile and get some of that positive Sativa to brighten your day and help you kick start an active lifestyle. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Marijuana is full of powerful, positive effects so why not try it out for yourself? Ask your green doctor or budtender for more information and advice on the many varieties of cannabis.

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