How Cannabis Chocolate Benefits You?

Cannabis Chocolate

When you think of chocolate, does your mouth start to water? What about when you think of cannabis…what happens then? Put these two most crave-able items together and you have the ultimate edible. Why would you want to take a chunk out of that cannabis-infused chocolate bar and pop it in your mouth?

Cannabis Chocolate is Tasty

The obvious reason is that it is a tasty dessert, something to be enjoyed over a great movie or as a snack on a long walk.

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Chocolate can be creamy and smooth, or chunky with nuts and fruit mixed in it, making it appealing to a variety of personalities. The cocoa melts in your mouth as you savour the milky or dark compound all in one bite. Depending on the cocoa bean, you will experience a different flavour from slightly bitter to rich and full. If there is lots of sugar blended with the natural product then it will be a very sweet delight indeed.

Weed is also appealing to many because of the varying flavours of the individual plants. They can range from tart, sweet, spicy, or earthy and fresh. Buds create an explosion of delight that lasts in your mouth.

Put the two together and you will satisfy the ultimate craving was Cannabis Chocolate.


Are you looking to subtly consume cannabis? Chocolate is a great way to disguise your not so typical kind of dessert when you are at a family gathering or out with a large group of friends. Not everyone may agree with your choice to consume marijuana but you can do so while being discreet so no drama ensues.

A chocolate bar is just a chocolate bar, no? That’s what they think…reap the beneficial flavours of this cannabis edible without anyone knowing. The cocoa hides the smell of the weed allowing you to be discrete especially if you use cannabis for medical reasons. Always be cautious and keep your Cannabis Chocolate and all cannabis edibles out of sight and out of reach of children to prevent anyone from accidentally mistaking it for something else.

Cannabis really mixes well into your favourite type of chocolate.

Medical Benefit

Speaking medicinally, cannabis-infused chocolate can be great for your health. What is one such way it can positively impact you?

Cannabis Chocolate is a Mood Lifter

The THC in weed helps bring up your mood, helping to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, or stress. Chocolate also triggers happy endorphins because it contains the chemical, phenylethylamine, which is known to elevate our mood. Think of the positive emotions you will experience when consuming cannabis and chocolate together!

When chocolate and cannabis collide, they take you on a creative journey that is a tasty, subtle, and delightful way to enjoy the trip. Experience the many different chocolate weed options from your local cannabis dispensary like the one at Canada Bliss Herbals.

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