How Cannabis Helps You be Productive


Alright, you have to do chores but all you want to do is get high. Guess what? You can do both as marijuana helps you complete your chores quickly and makes them fun too! How is it possible to get your chores done when you are high? See below.

Productive Cooking

Do you like to bake? Maybe you enjoy cooking up a meal or two once in a while or perhaps you don’t have the desire or skill to make a delicious treat. Cannabis can open your creativity and with this comes a whole new cooking experience. Get in the kitchen! Allow your mind to explore all the offerings from your pantry and refrigerator. Ideas will pop into your head as your heightened senses take over during your weed trip.

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Kick up the heat in the kitchen and try your hand at baking some cookies or experimenting with herbs from your spice rack. Whatever your head can think of, give it a try. You might surprise yourself and guess what? Did you know Cannabis heightens your taste buds? The food you prepare will be that much more flavourful – wow! You can even add a little cannabis to your recipe if this is more your style.

Are you ready to make food? Head to the grocery store.

Productive Grocery Shopping

Get that empty fridge filled by going food shopping while high. You should walk to the nearest grocery store since driving and marijuana don’t go hand in hand. When you get to the store, your grocery shopping will take you to new levels.

You will be hungry so filling your cart will be easy. Don’t waste time pondering over what items to buy, instead purchase new and exotic products to fill your fridge and tummy. What should you look for? Search for healthy foods since this will keep your energy up and release a positive effect on your entire body.

Productive Exercise

Get out and go for a daily run! The fresh air will feel great on your skin as you soak in all that surrounds you. Marijuana allows your mind to really enjoy the scenery and may even give you a boost of energy to run that extra mile. Being high during your fresh air experience allows you to smell the flowers along the way and appreciate nature like never before. There’s something about running and being high…try it.

After you have completed your exercise, you will need a break. Let the marijuana settle into your system and…

Productive Meditate

Meditation is one of the greatest things to do while high. Why? It allows you to feel at peace and really understand your thoughts. This relaxation and openness will allow you to focus on the sound of your breathing during your meditative state. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and release all negative thoughts. Aaahhh…breathe, let the moment empower you.

Marijuana can help with your day-to-day activities so if you are searching for a specific feeling check with a Canada Bliss Herbals budtender. He/she will be able to guide you to the right cannabis for your lifestyle.

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