How to Eat Raw Cannabis

Raw Cannabis

Last week, after providing information on the benefits of raw cannabis, here are details on how to eat raw cannabis. Yes, raw cannabis, nature’s superfood.

Eat Fan Leaves

As the primary energy source of the cannabis plant, fan leaves have major nutritional benefit for your body. These leaves contain low levels of cannabinoids but are still filled with enough compounds to provide you with immense wellness.

You can eat fan leaves in a variety of ways:

1. Blend them up in a smoothie or make a juice

Juicing raw cannabis provides you with large doses of THCA and CBDA (mentioned in our previous blog), benefiting the endocannabinoid system of your body. The leaves are rich in iron, calcium, and fibre. When used in a juice or smoothie, the cannabis fan leaves are one of the healthiest and most beneficial ways to consume the plant. A cannabis smoothie or juice is often recommended if you have diabetes or a nerve disorder. Always consult your health care practitioner to determine if raw cannabis juice is right for you.

2. Make a Tea

Do you like sipping a cup of hot tea for comfort and flavour? A whole new way to incorporate tea drinking is with the use of cannabis. Dry your fan leaves, blend them with a little fat such as coconut oil and add boiling water. This kind of tea will help relax you and amplify your cannabis consumption experience.

3. Topical Use

Are you looking for a cream to heal or improve the appearance of your skin? Try mixing fan leaves with any sort of fat like coconut oil to help utilize the nutrients. Look your best with a daily application of cannabis lotion.

Speak to one of the cannabis experts at Canada Bliss Herbals on how many leaves is recommended for you to use and how often.

Eat Flowers

Eating fresh cannabis flowers can be extremely beneficial for you. THCA and CBDA are present in the blossoms. The THCA has anti-inflammatory benefits and neuroprotective properties that can be used to help in the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease. CBDA has serotonin; a vital compound to aid in important functions such as talking and sleeping.

How do you eat a cannabis flower?


Use your cannabis flower as a seasoning on your salads or your steak. Grind the flower and take a small pinch to add flavouring and nutrition to your meal. You can also just pop a little portion of cannabis straight into your mouth.

Consuming terpenes and cannabinoids together give you a greater effect than smoking cannabis. Some of the nutritional benefits will disappear when the flower is exposed to extreme heat.

Cannabis consumption, in any form, should be researched in detail. Your choice to consume it should be guided by and consulted with your doctor. Monitor your reactions to eating various forms of the raw cannabis plant to know what is right for you.

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