Top 4 Reasons to Order Cannabis Online

Are you ready to dive into a fresh batch of weed? There are cannabis dispensaries all over the city and some within a walking distance from your house so why would you want your marijuana delivered?

Canada Bliss Herbals is an online weed dispensary that delivers right to you. Order from the website 24/7 to get what you need. Continue reading “Top 4 Reasons to Order Cannabis Online”

Cannabis Etiquette You Should Know

It’s time for that joint. Before you smoke up, consider the ways you act, talk, and enjoy your cannabis. Canada Bliss Herbals knows that smoking a joint has a specific protocol when it comes to enjoying your favourite bud. So, what is the cannabis etiquette you should be aware of? Continue reading “Cannabis Etiquette You Should Know”

Top 3 Reasons Why Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

While there are many varying factors including quantity, frequency of use, and potency levels when determining which is safer, how do you know if you should use cannabis or alcohol for your relaxation vice? What are some considerations in making the choice? Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons Why Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol”

5 of the Best Places to Smoke Weed in the World

Ready, set, get on that jet plane and head to some of the most cannabis-friendly destinations in the world! It’s time for your marijuana trip of a lifetime.

1. Canada

Maybe you live here or are a tourist visiting this great country, either way, you can enjoy a cannabis happy vacation while in this part of North America. October 17, 2018, was when cannabis became legal in Canadian cities. Continue reading “5 of the Best Places to Smoke Weed in the World”

Top Reasons Your Cannabis is Turning Yellow

Something weird has happened! Your cannabis is turning yellow. What is going on?

Wrong Temperature Levels

The quality of cannabis relies heavily on the temperature it is where it is growing. What is the right temperature for cannabis to grow? Make sure it is not too hot or too cold, keeping the thermometer level to 20-22 degrees Celsius. If you have it too warm or freezing cold, your weed may start to yellow or even curl up on the ends. Continue reading “Top Reasons Your Cannabis is Turning Yellow”

Welcome to the World of Cannabis

Walking into a cannabis dispensary, you might not think about all the different types of people that work there. A lot of work goes into making cannabis products ready for sale and a key to this is a team of people that put in the efforts to get you the weed you want and need. Continue reading “Welcome to the World of Cannabis”

How to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Wedding

A cannabis wedding! What? You heard it right! With the legalization of cannabis comes this brilliant option for your wedding reception.

What are some ways to incorporate cannabis into your wedding?

Floral Arrangements

Since cannabis is a flower, why not create a cannabis floral arrangement? Continue reading “How to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Wedding”

Highly Creative Cannabis Experiences

Can getting high can allow you to experience adventures and everyday activities unlike you ever have before? Cannabis can release your inhibitions, provide you strength when you need it most, and allow you to embrace your true creative self. So, go ahead, try some of these exciting things to do while high on your favourite bud. Continue reading “Highly Creative Cannabis Experiences”

Cannabis for Epilepsy

If you or someone you know suffers from epilepsy, you are well aware of the frightening consequences. You wish there was something to help control the seizures and now there is. Cannabis is a wonderful form of medication for sufferers of epilepsy. THC and CBD can both help with calming down your epileptic fits. Continue reading “Cannabis for Epilepsy”

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