Top Reasons Your Cannabis is Turning Yellow

Cannabis is Turning Yellow

Something weird has happened! Your cannabis is turning yellow. What is going on?

Wrong Temperature Levels can make cannabis is turning yellow.

The quality of cannabis relies heavily on the temperature it is where it is growing. What is the right temperature for cannabis to grow? Make sure it is not too hot or too cold, keeping the thermometer level to 20-22 degrees Celsius. If you have it too warm or freezing cold, your weed may start to yellow or even curl up on the ends. If your cannabis feels hot to the touch, this is probably a sign that your heat is too high. One way you can help keep the temperature where you want it is by creating circulation within the space you are growing your buds.

Light Problems can make cannabis is turning yellow.

Cannabis could start to go yellow with too much or too little light. All cannabis plants need light to grow but be careful of the amount you are providing them. Get in that sweet light spot for healthy growth. So, what is the proper amount of light for cannabis? The grow light level depends on the phase of growth your cannabis is in. For seeds, try an LED or fluorescent light. You might need more light as time goes on. Each type of cannabis will react to different light levels in varying ways.

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Iron Deficiency can make cannabis is turning yellow.

Your cannabis plant might have turned yellow due to iron deficiency. Yes, cannabis needs iron just as your body craves this. Cannabis also allows you to intake iron as a nutritional source for your health. How does your cannabis plant get low on iron? Usually due to off-kilter PH levels. The thing about iron-deficient cannabis is that the yellowing will only happen on the newest leaves so this is a good sign that your weed is low in iron.

Bugs can make cannabis is turning yellow.

You could have bugs on your cannabis plant. Eeeww! Creepy crawlers could be taking over the healthy growth of your cannabis causing it to not only turn yellow but appear destroyed. Bite marks and spots are two of the signs that your cannabis is infested. Try and keep bugs out of your growing area and use screens around your plants to prevent this buggy invasion from happening.

There are some instances when cannabis leaves turn yellow and are no reason to fret. Cannabis often becomes yellow when it is a baby and changes colour when the leaves die off and new ones are born. For more healthy yellow cannabis plant signs ask your budtender at Canada Bliss Herbals. He/she will let you know what is ok and what to watch out for.

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