Welcome to the World of Cannabis

World of Cannabis

Walking into a cannabis dispensary, you might not think about all the different types of people that work there. A lot of work goes into making cannabis products ready for sale and a key to this is a team of people that put in the efforts to get you the weed you want and need.

Welcome to the World of Cannabis


If the dispensary near you is big enough, it might have an administrator. This is the person responsible for greeting guests and guiding them to the appropriate person that can help answer more detailed questions. The administrator organizes the files and takes inventory to note what is in stock and what needs to be ordered. This person is the first face people see so it is an important job.

Bud Tender

After you speak with an administrator, you might seek the help of a budtender. This person converses with you on the variety of weed offered and will have knowledge of the benefits each type provides. If you have questions about the level of THC or CBD in the cannabis presented to you, this is the person to ask. Your budtender might have questions for you to help find the ideal weed for your lifestyle. He/she might even have dabbled in the kind of cannabis you are looking at purchasing and can give you first-hand advice and their opinion on a particular strain. Your budtender will most likely be the person you purchase the cannabis or weed product from.

Now, let’s get into the back end of your local dispensary. Who works to provide you with quality cannabis products? After all, cannabis is taken care of not only by people you see in the storefront but those that you don’t have any interaction with at all.

Bud Trimmer

When you buy a bud, you want to ensure it is trimmed. Why? Trimming a cannabis bud is essential to getting good quality from this part of the plant and trimming allows it to see a proper amount of light for a healthy plant. The dead parts need to be taken off so that the energies it needs to survive are not wasted in the excess foliage. Your bud trimmer takes their time to make sure all the parts of the plant that need to be removed are snipped away. This requires a lot of attention to detail.


Yes, you have made it to the person whom your cannabis experience started with, the grower. This is a rewarding career that requires an immense amount of knowledge about the world of cannabis. A grower will know what the temperature level needs to be to produce quality cannabis, the amount of space the weed needs to grow, the proper lighting needed, what the plant can and can’t be exposed to, and a lot of other little details. With patience and understanding, your grower will be able to provide you with a healthy cannabis bud for your desires.

Cannabis dispensaries have a wide array of jobs available to qualified and trained people. In the World of Cannabis there are even more people than mentioned here who take care to ensure your cannabis is top quality.

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