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Have you ever wanted to dab into hashish but wondered what it is and what it does? Read up on the many benefits of it and what makes it so special, then decide if it’s the right choice for you.

What exactly is hashish?

Better known as a hash, this extract from the cannabis plant is a type of concentrate commonly used as a psychoactive drug. To get a better grasp of what hash is, you need to understand how it is made.

Hash is made from the resin of cannabis plants. The resin glands are known as trichomes, and once collected, they are then compressed and formed into balls, logs, or bricks.

What kind of hash are you looking for?

Here are some available options for you.

1. Bubble Hash

Alternatively known as ice water hash because it uses cold water in separating the trichomes from the flowers. It is formed into a large ball. The colours of this variety of hash range from light to very dark hues of brown. Bubble Hash has around 70-80% THC levels, making it extremely potent.

If you want to experience a powerful high from your hash trip, this is a great choice for you.

2. Afghani Royal (also known as Royal Border) Hash

Afghanistan is one of the biggest producers of hashish in the world. If you choose this type of hash, you are getting a traditional form of the resin. Made from the landrace Indica strain, this pure strain is pressed into slabs or ball-like shapes. The buds are placed in water or tea for the trichome to separate. You can distinguish this type of hash from other varieties due to its dark brown outer colour and light brown insides.

3. Moroccan Slate Hash

Formed in the shape of a brick, this style of hash is typically made in Northern Morocco and comes in greens to light brown colours. If you are looking for a mild taste, this could be your pick of hashish. It is soft on your lungs, making it an easy hash to smoke.

Keep in mind, however, that hash is much more potent than many other types of cannabis because it is made from the trichomes which contain the largest portion of the plant’s cannabinoids.

Why use hashish?


• Relieves migraines
• Helps anorexia nervosa patients or people with a loss of appetite
• Provides you with a happy feeling, aiding in depression and other such mood disorders
• Enhances your emotional experiences
• Relaxes you
• Improves breathing, helping with asthma

Why not use hashish? Canada Bliss Herbals can help you uncover a world of health with our many hash options available at our online cannabis dispensary. If you need further information, bud specialists have a plethora of knowledge for you.

Experience why hashish has been used for many years around the world.

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