Top 3 Reasons Why Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

While there are many varying factors including quantity, frequency of use, and potency levels when determining which is safer, how do you know if you should use cannabis or alcohol for your relaxation vice? What are some considerations in making the choice?

1. Deadly Situations


Drinking alcohol can lead to deadly situations when you rapidly drink too much. Did you drink excessively at that party on the weekend? You might need to be sent to the hospital to pump the liquid out of your system. This is known as alcohol poisoning and can kill you. You might even drink so much that you black out and completely forget what happened. Strokes and cancer are a common side effect of constantly recurring alcohol use. Alcohol is an addictive substance and can easily lead to these situations if you are not careful about your consumption.

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When cannabis gets in your system, it is not an addictive force therefore it is less likely to take over your health and life. Experts say you cannot die from solely using cannabis as it is non-toxic. Overdosing from cannabis is virtually impossible as you would need to intake an insane amount to get to this point.

2. No Benefits


Alcohol has several negative side effects without positive health benefits. You might drink and become more relaxed in situations that may otherwise make you nervous but drinking large amounts of alcohol leads to headaches and throwing up. No one wants a hangover the next day.


Cannabis, on the other hand, can aid your health by helping reduce or eliminate epileptic seizures, allowing you to feel less nauseous as you go through cancer, or relieve stress and anxiety. Cannabis comes in different strains, each with a unique benefit which makes it great to use as an alternative medication. There are no hangovers with cannabis.

3. Obesity


You might have issues with being overweight or become obese due to the regular consumption of alcohol since it contains a large number of calories. If you drink often, you could see the numbers on your bathroom scale rising higher and higher. Next time you go to consume another one of those delicious looking cocktails, think twice about the volume of sugar it contains.


While cannabis does increase your desire to snack on your favourite munchies, you can consume healthy snacks in lieu of empty calories. It is known that a majority of cannabis users weigh less than alcoholic drinkers. Why? Marijuana can improve insulin levels, therefore, regulating your body weight.

So, which would you rather, drink alcohol or smoke joints? Cannabis has many benefits that alcohol is void of.

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