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How to Take CBD Oil: 9 of the Best Methods

how to take cbd oil

Is CBD oil a cure-all treatment? Well, it might as well be one. CBD oil is all the rage.

It’s a natural way to heal and treat many ailments and symptoms. With medicinal marijuana increasing legally and in popularity, the legal and non-psychoactive CBD is becoming a popular choice for patients.

But here’s the million dollar question: how do you take CBD oil? For most first-time consumers, this is the biggest question they have. There are so many different products and options, this can easily overwhelm a first-time user.

If you want to know how to take CBD oil, here are 9 methods that work extremely well.

1. Inhalation

This option is great for patients who need fast results, such as patients who suffer from pain. When you inhale CBD, the cannabinoid enters your bloodstream quickly. This means you’ll experience fast effects.

Inhaling vapor is different than smoking. Vapor won’t damage your lungs the way traditional smoke does.

CBD oil is manufactured to convert to vapor and is best used with vape pens. You can find a vape pen online, at a vape shop, or at a dispensary.

2. Topically

This is another great option if you suffer from pain. CBD medicated topical products absorb in your skin and directly treat the painful area.

Topical CBD is also a great option if you suffer from skin issues. CBD-infused creams, lotions, and salves will heal your damaged skin.

For best results, apply the product on the area of pain or the area of damaged skin.

You’ll also feel the CBD effects throughout your bloodstream, so this method can quickly heal any site of pain.

But with this method, CBD does not enter your bloodstream. If your pain is too intense or widespread, use vapor or another CBD administrative method.

3. Tincture

One of the most preferred CBD oil administrative methods is consuming the pure oil as a tincture. The oil comes in a bottle with a dropper. You’ll drop the oil under your tongue, hold the oil in your mouth, and you’ll swallow.

Ingesting CBD is recommended for those who can’t have anything in their lungs.

Since more cannabinoids are absorbed by your bloodstream through digestion, you’ll receive long-lasting effects. This method is recommended for those who need long-term relief.

The dosage depends on the product and how much you need. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions or find your dosage through trial and error.

4. Spray

The spray method is similar to the tincture. You’ll receive a bottle of CBD oil and you’ll have to apply the product under the tongue. But rather than using a dropper, you’ll use a spray.

The only issue with this method is the dosage. Many patients are unsure how much CBD oil they need. The best course of action is to read the instructions on the packaging. If they recommended too much or too little, change your dosage.

5. Pill

If you want to ingest CBD oil but don’t like the oil tincture or spray, pills are a great option. Many patients don’t like the taste of pure CBD oil. You’ll get the same CBD benefits without the strong taste.

With CBD pills and capsules, pure CBD oil is placed inside a pill or a capsule. You simply swallow the pill. Dosages depend on the number of pills you take. Always read the instructions before starting CBD pills.

6. Edibles

If you give your child CBD oil, edibles are a great option. Many fun snacks such as gummies are made with CBD oil.

With more children taking CBD, more manufacturers are making CBD products specifically for kids. These products contain a smaller dose of CBD and come in fun treats that kids will love.

Keep in mind, these are food grade items. CBD is safe but edibles become unsafe when the food expires. Always check for expiration dates before taking edibles or giving them to your kids.

7. Cook With CBD

Are you an adult who loves edibles but hates consuming CBD by tincture or pill?

Try cooking with CBD. Many food brands make special CBD products such as cooking hemp oil or CBD-infused olive oil. Other food options include butter and milk.

You can easily add these items to a meal or use them to cook, such as lining a pan with CBD olive oil or CBD butter. There are also great adult-friendly CBD foods and beverages, such as CBD coffee.

8. Alcohol

Homebrews and home distilleries are becoming more common. If you want some CBD and alcohol to unwind after a hard day, make your own CBD-infused alcoholic beverages.

Many homebrewers make CBD and marijuana-infused craft beer. You can use CBD oil and whole marijuana herb to add health benefits and an extra kick to your beer. This will also add complex notes and tastes to your beer.

Just make sure you only use CBD in your beer. Any marijuana with THC will give you an unwanted high.

9. Liposomal

Liposomal CBD is one of the newest ways to take CBD. The technology looks like a traditional CBD capsule. But these capsules have an added shell. This shell helps improve CBD absorption.

You’ll feel the CBD effects faster and stronger than you would with traditional CBD capsules and pills.

You’ll need a lower dose of liposomal CBD than you do with traditional CBD capsules or pills. Always follow the instructions and do trial-and-error methods to find the best dosage for you.

Now You Know How to Take CBD Oil

After reading this, you should now know how to take CBD oil. You have lots of options and one administrative method will work better for others.

As you start using CBD, you’ll know which administrative method works for you.

If you’re new to CBD oil, try all of them and find which method you like.

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  1. UPDATE: So Ive recently tried the vape version of CBD and while it tastes a lot nicer going in, I dont feel like it has the same effect as the dropper under the tongue. With the dropper I felt calmer within 30mins but with the vape, I cant tell if its working or not. Ive been trying the vape for the last month but I think the dropper is the winner for me. Its interesting because the vape version is actually stronger than the dropper in this video.

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