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Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy CBD Online

Remember when the last obsession was coconut oil? People were joking that it would fix everything, from student loans to eczema.

Now the new cure-all is CBD oil. It’s different than coconut oil in that it’s from the hemp plant and it doesn’t have such terrible environmental effects.

CBD oil may be the true and best cure-all topical treatment. But how do you know what you’re getting is pure and potent?

You need to ask or look for the following information when you’re buying CBD online. Learn what’s prime information below.

Where’s It Grown?

What you’re looking for here isn’t a part of the country or specific province, unless that matters to you. There is one exception to this point – if you’re buying hemp oil in North America, it needs to be North American-grown.

It’s still illegal to import plants from other countries as of this writing. If you can’t find the source anywhere and you’re not getting answers – walk away!

How Involved Is the Seller?

Good hemp oil or CBD oil takes a lot of time and money to produce – that’s why prices stay about the same between competitors.

But the more aware and involved the seller is with the process of growing and making it, the more they care. Do they have a page on their website that talks about their production process?

A company that cares makes better products and usually has better customer service.

Is It Organic?

There’s a hard push for organic products in the hemp industry since many people can tell a difference in quality.

Consumers have to trust the third party or even brand claims that a product is organic. You can see most of what you need to see on the label and from the testing results.

Does it really matter? If you don’t buy organic in your day to day life, then no. If you’re not concerned about non-organic products then don’t buy the slightly higher-priced organic oils.

To see if something is really organic, you need to look at the test results.

Is It Local?

If you try to buy local products and local food, good for you. If it matters to you, then feel free to try and find a local CBD oil company.

Ask to See Test Results

Usually, third-party quality tests are accessible on the seller’s website. They understand that CBD consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to oils nowadays and that quality is a concern.

But, how detailed are those results and how rigorous are the tests?

You should look for chemical names you don’t recognize. If something looks off in the results, copy it and google it.

A good oil distributor should be open with their results, if you have questions, they should be happy to answer them.

If they have an online chat employee, they may not know the answer to detailed questions – so be understanding if they take a day or two to get back to you.

Is It Full-Spectrum?

You’re not looking for a CBD isolate. That’s like looking to get vitamin C from an orange and deciding to take a gummy vitamin.

The benefits are much better when they come in their natural form vs when they’re playing within a lab. Some labs even go as far as to create their own CBD isolate oils.

You can buy a CBD isolate that isn’t from the hemp plant at all. That’s why full spectrum matters.

Not only do you not get what you expect with synthetic CBD, but you can get sick. There was an issue in Utah with bad isolate sickness.

Is There THC?

In general, CBD oil doesn’t come with any THC – which is the hemp plant’s psychoactive compound. However, in legal places, you can buy CBD oil that has a touch (or more) of THC.

These can get you high and the THC can and will show up in a drug test. Look for wording about THC to CBD ratios on the label if that’s something you’re concerned about.

If it doesn’t say anything about THC, you’re fine. The distributor won’t try to sneak it in. But if you’d never heard those three letters before, you could glance over it and accidentally get high.

What’s the Serving Size?

If you’re looking at an ingestible CBD oil and not a cream or lotion product, what’s the recommended dose?

If it’s six to eight drops and there are only 32 drops per bottle – is that brand really worth it? What are they putting in their oil to dilute it that much?

Pay attention to the serving sizes or uses labeled on the product. Even though there’s a different perfect amount for everyone, it’s good to know what you’re buying – and how soon you’ll have to reorder.

Tips for Buying CBD Online

When you’re looking for an oil distributor online, you don’t need to use this list as the be-all end-all. We’re mostly encouraging you to be an informed consumer.

Most CBD companies online serve and create quality products. But there are those out there that create bad products just to get your money.

Don’t buy from one of them. If you buy your CBD online do your duty as a consumer and make sure you trust the company.

It’s as simple as that! Want to know that we practice what we preach about selling our CBD and THC products online? Click here for product information.

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