Laughing Buddha – THC Gummies (200mg)

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Buy Laughing Budda THC Gummies Online

These gummies will leave you smiling! These are infused with THC Distillate and come packed with a variety of flavours. Perfect for sharing with friends and snacking on the go!

200mg THC Per Bag

20mg THC Per Gummy

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Buy Laughing Budda THC Gummies Online

What edible dose is right for me?

The right dose of weed edibles is different for everyone. Start with a small dose, especially if it’s your first time or it’s been a while since you’ve used cannabis. Each person’s response to a dose of edible cannabis can vary significantly, more so than with other medications or herbs. The “standard dose” is considered 10 mg, but someone new to cannabis or with low tolerance should start with half of that. Trial-and-error is an integral part of finding the perfect dose for a great experience, just remember to start low and slow. Read more: Cannabis Edibles Dosing Chart: Find the Right Dose

Buy Laughing Budda THC Gummies 200mg Online today at Canadabliss Herbals and receive 15 Bliss points!

Medical Benefits: Depression, Pain, Anxiety

Effects: Happy, Couch Lock, Relaxed

Flavors: Sweet

2 reviews for Laughing Buddha – THC Gummies (200mg)

  1. Daria F. (verified owner)

    There were no reviews when I ordered these, but I thought, ‘what the heck? They’re really inexpensive compared to some of the other THC gummies, I’ll give them a try.’ I’m really glad I did. They’re really tasty, with virtually no aftertaste, and quite strong. The bag had a random assortment of sour gummies – gummy worms, feet, fuzzy peaches.
    My first use: I had a base mellow from vaping, and ate one gummy. About 20 minutes later I started to feel it, and when I stood up I realized I VERY was nicely baked – a bit of a body high, and a pleasantly uplifting mental high (things were more amusing, I was a little slower and unfocused instead of my usual racing brain squirrels). The high seemed to last about 4 hours, maybe more. Will definitely buy again.

    INFO: It takes a lot to give me a buzz now that I’m on ADHD meds, so you may find these stronger than I did, or less if you’re chronic.

  2. Sara S. (verified owner)

    Ditto with other comment ?

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