Mary’s Fudge Brownies

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Mary’s brownies are great tasting and available in either Sativa for day time use or Indica for night time. Try them out in Extra Strength (55mg THC), Triple Strength (140mg THC) or Extreme Strength Indica (300mg).

For beginners it is recommended that you start with an Extra Strength brownie, eat half and wait 30 minutes to an hour before consuming the rest, as it takes a little while to feel the effects.

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5 reviews for Mary’s Fudge Brownies

  1. Christopher S. (verified owner)

    These brownies are great!! I’ve tried them a few times. Long lasting buzz half of one of these and your good for hours!!! Great tasting product!! If want to fly go for a whole one 😀 and the service is second to none from these folks!!! A++++ on product and customer service!! Keep up the great work cbh!!

  2. Nicholas L. (verified owner)

    Potent brownies. Lasted for hours. Only thing I have to complain about these was the taste. The marijuana taste was quite strong as was the cocoa used in the brownie. Had the taste been more like that of a brownie, I would give this product 5/5 for sure.

  3. Larraine P. (verified owner)

    Oh these are scrumipity delicious !

  4. Larraine P. (verified owner)

    These yummy brownies taste goo and give a most appreciated feeling!!?

  5. TerriL@411 . (verified owner)

    I absolutely love ? these brownies

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