Mary’s Sour Swirls

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Mary’s Sour Swirls are a great option for anyone with a bit of a a sweet tooth. They come in both Indica and Sativa with the option of Extra Strength (55mg THC) and Triple Strength (140mg THC).

2 swirls per bag.

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3 reviews for Mary’s Sour Swirls

  1. Blaze L. (verified owner)

    Omg. Do not eat these half hour before an important meeting at work. I ate half a gummy for my cramps and migraine and half hour later at my work meeting I started feeling like the world was melting away from me and my brain melted like an ice cream on a hot day. I legit thought I ate something other than thc candies and I was going to ask my coworker to take me to the medic on work site to take me to the hospital. Later I was thinking of how I could tell the nurse that my edible was laced with drugs lmfaoooo. Anyways after my friend got me to do breathing exercises to slow my heart rate down I fell asleep and now I’m awake laughing about it. Needless to say I’m going to be giving away my swirls to someone who can handle them a bit better lmao ?

  2. Wesley S. (verified owner)

    Another great tasting product!!!

  3. Chris . (verified owner)

    These little guys are amazing I find they hit fast and hard with a whole gummy and great flavour as well

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