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Meltdown is very high in CBD and is an excellent choice for the rich medical benefits.  It is also a perfect choice for new users, due to the lower THC levels.


Meltdown will leave the user feeling calm and relaxed. This is an excellent strain choice when you want to sooth your body from pain and the chaos in your overworked mind.


Meltdown is a perfect choice for treating pain, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, arthritis, anxiety and depression.

THC % 6

CBD % 15

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3 reviews for Meltdown

  1. Kevin E. (verified owner)

    Gave me a mild/mellow high with a calming effect that relieves pain

  2. Kevin V. (verified owner)

    This strain has been working great for me, being the lightweight I am. Pretty mild stone, but the relaxing effects are phenomenal. It gets me relaxed but not baked. Vaping this one at night makes for a very effective sleep aid and during the day leaves me able to be productive. If you’re looking for a solid bake, this isn’t your strain. If you’re looking for a medicinal-quality strain with a mild kick then give it a shot!

  3. Justin Z. (verified owner)

    I particularly love this strain. Not too heavy of a high, gives a very nice calming effect and really helps me sleep. I recommend this if you suffer from chronic pain. It melts the pain away for a period of time.

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