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Cannabis capsules are made with a variety of cannabis products that you desire. Capsules are made by extracting cannabinoids and combining them with a fat-filled oil. The capsule is then usually placed into either a gelatine, pullulan or hypromellose shell. Gelatine capsules are manufactured using animal by-products but the other two forms are created from plant-based products.

Why do you want cannabis capsules?
There is a pre-determined dose in each capsule, allowing you to easily stick to a certain dose each day – less chance of overdosing
A healthy alternative method to smoking cannabis – you are not inhaling negative carcinogens
A Sophisticated, more discreet way to enjoy consuming your cannabis
They act like an edible but are easier to ingest into your system

Check out our array of capsule choices for your cannabis desires and be fulfilled with wondrous effects.

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