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CBD is a natural compound found within the flower of a marijuana plant. It has many health benefits which make it a great treatment option for symptoms of inflammation, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, and diabetes to name only a few. CBD is a great form of alternative medication allowing you to gain the positive effects of cannabis without getting high from the THC component.

Most medical experts tend to look at medical marijuana and CBD Products with trepidation, especially when it comes to the ingredient known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Though THC has been the focus of most talks about marijuana use, a growing number of studies have looked into the use of cannabidiol, another compound found in marijuana, has a huge potential as treatment for different conditions. In fact, studies have shown that CBD contains anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumoral properties, among many others.

Numerous patients are looking for ways to make the most out of these medicinal benefits of cannabidiol. Despite these medicinal benefits, acquiring CBD products, like most medical marijuana products, can be difficult for most people. After all, using cannabis for purposes other than for medical treatments remains illegal in Canada. Only a few dispensaries, like The Health Centre, allow you to acquire these products easily and efficiently.

Delivered To You in Days

You don’t need to look further for a provider of high-quality cannabinoids. You can find a wide range of cannabinoids and products, in the form of CBD caps and CBD-rich capsules. All of our products, including cannabinoids, are sourced from Vancouver and nearby areas and you can be assured that these are of outstanding quality. Other than our top-quality products, we also make sure that you receive your orders as quickly, as efficiently and as discreetly as possible.

Education is Necessary

What makes us different from other dispensaries is our committed to provide education on the proper and effective ways to administer cannabinoids, especially when used as a treatment. After all, making the most out of the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids require proper and responsible use. With this in mind, we offer medical consultations to educate patients about the best and safe ways to administer CBD capsules and other medical marijuana products. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can ensure that you acquire adequate knowledge about the proper consumption of CBD products.

Take this time to shop through our wide range of CBD caps and capsules, and learn how you can benefit from them. Should you have any questions about our wide range of products or services, don’t hesitate to leave a message at our Contact Us page!

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